IL Cazar

Our Story

il Cazar is an international name inspired by the great Caesar reflecting a bolder leap into launching new projects after Creek Town and Go Heliopolis, promising branded projects with international standard of excellence in every detail.

Our goal to rule and conquer the industry reflected by our selective luxurious projects. il Cazar’s aim is to positively impact the community by contributing to the real estate industry in Egypt and always working on enhancing the standards in the market by providing grade A quality development projects.

Our Mission

Turning dreams into reality
We are dedicated to creating an energetic, positive and results driven environment focused on investment and the development of collaborative partnerships. Our work is based on mutual trust and transparency which will further help us in building strong and lasting client relationships.

Our Vision

Real Estate, Real Service, Real Solutions.
il Cazar Developments’ vision is to be the leading real estate service provider in the region, offering an ideal atmosphere for our real estate professionals. il Cazar promises to provide their clientele with affordable luxury. A truly unique living experience, in a fully functional and unified community.

Our Valuable Board Members

Meet our honorable board members.

Nader Khozam

Chairman And CEO

Fady Nassif

Vice Chairman and Board Member
Engy Nassif

Managing Director and Board Member